Road to Recovery

It's been about six weeks since I posted so I thought it was time for an update. As you can see from the infographic above I am pleased to be able to report that my recovery from my ankle injury is going well. The larger "red" block represents my training load and the "grey" blocks... Continue Reading →

Sometimes it’s better to walk before you run

Have you ever been told to "walk before you run"? I know I have! It's an often used expression when we're learning new skills and maybe trying to do more than we should in our enthusiasm to be better. I believe it can literally be applied to our running in a couple of ways and... Continue Reading →

Mike Goes to Coaching School

The May bank holiday weekend was a busy one for me. Whilst the country bathed in glorious sunshine I was tucked away in a classroom with 13 other budding running coaches for two days as I began the formal part of my England Athletics coaching course. To be fair we did get to go outside... Continue Reading →

Nobody said it would be easy…

"No one ever said it would be this hard" sings Chris Martin of Coldplay fame, this thought keeps going through my head and is something David Blackman highlighted in his blog blackersdoesbateman which is a great read if you are contemplating adjusting your running style to reduce heel strike and improve efficiency. Back to Chris... Continue Reading →

Beautiful morning for a parkrun

Just under a week after the Wigan 5k I find myself in Argyll on the beautiful west coast of Scotland, at Ganavan beach to be more precise ready for the regular Saturday morning parkrun. I had considered not doing the parkrun and taking a gentle run out from where we are staying near Scammadale as... Continue Reading →

Half Marathon Training Update

So I've now completed the first phase (3 weeks) of my half marathon training and I'm pleased to report after day one's inauspicious start (you can read about it here) I've managed to keep pretty much to my plan since. If you've read my previous posts you'll know that I'm using this plan as a test... Continue Reading →

To Race or Not To Race?

This was the question that was dominating my Facebook feed on Saturday as the Beast from the East and Storm Emma were causing concern as to whether this weeks race, the Trotters 5 mile trail race, would go ahead or be cancelled. The Trotters 5 mile is the second race in our CLGP championship and... Continue Reading →

The path to being a coach has begun

Yesterday I joined some 20 plus other hardy enthusiastic running souls as we all took our first steps on the path to becoming run leaders/coaches as we completed England Athletics LiRF (Leadership in Running Fitness) course. Thankfully the venue had an indoor track for us to practice our skills as the weather was cold, wet... Continue Reading →

Where does your foot land?

Do you remember taking your first steps? Me neither, I also don't recall any PE teacher at school explaining to me how to run, I just, well, ran in plain old plimsoles. so it was with some interest that when I read a book called Older Yet Faster (OYF) written by Keith Bateman and Heidi... Continue Reading →

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